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President Obama Wins Re-Election

At 11:18 pm EST  last night Ohio put  President Obama over the top to win a second term as President of the United States.  In the end, the President had reached over 300 electoral votes to Romney’s 206 after all but Florida’s votes were counted .

In a speech to cheering,  flag waving, and dancing  Chicago supporters and to a watching nation the President said  the American people have “picked ourselves up”in the past  and fought back during tough economic times, and added  “The Best is yet to come.”



Challenger Mitt Romney in a gracious concession speech told his supporters to “Pray for President Obama and urged the political winners on both sides of the aisle  to put partisan bickering aside and “reach across the aisle” to tackle the nation’s problems.

President Obama said that he intends to sit down with Governor Romney in the coming weeks.

Here is how we voted by the states:

President  Obama won: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Maine, Maryland Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota,  New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,  Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin.

Mitt Romney won: Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky,  Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota,  Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina,  South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming.

Flordia results are still not in as of this writing.

President Obama is leading in the popular vote with near 75% of the precincts reporting  by 25,000 votes



New Jersey Lottery 04 08 15 -25-47-42 Winning Numbers of Mega Millions

lottery-ticket1What was your plans for the lottery money had you won the big game?

That seemed to be the question on everyone’s mind today after one of Mega Millions biggest jackpots was won by two lucky tickets winners. One from Idaho and the other from Washington. Washington, what Washington I began to wonder? They didn’t say Washington State did they mean Washington DC. Is that why I saw our President on the front page of the New York Daily News in flip flops and shorts. Had he purchased a lottery ticket and won the $355,000,000 million dollar jackpot. OK sir, if you did win please put it back towards our deficit and now we are only about 8 trillion shy. Continue reading New Jersey Lottery 04 08 15 -25-47-42 Winning Numbers of Mega Millions


Sen. Robert Menendez joins President Barack Obama for the signing of the credit card reform law in the White House Rose GardenLANDMARK CREDIT CARD REFORM SIGNED INTO LAW

menendez-creditcardbillThis new law includes important and unprecedented protections for consumers that will end a number of deceptive and predatory practices, many of which I am proud to have had a hand in drafting. We are ending surprise and unjustified interest rate increases, changes to contracts, unreasonable penalties for consumers and opportunities for card companies to prey on unsuspecting young consumers, just to name a few. Credit card company abuses have reached a point where families feel like a trap door is going to open up beneath them every time they swipe a card. Continue reading Sen. Robert Menendez Is There When -LANDMARK CREDIT CARD REFORM SIGNED INTO LAW