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Picas Pics -Restaurant Reviews by Mark Pica now in the River View Observer

The River View Observer is proud to welcome Mark Pica and his insightful food column Picas Pics.

Mark Pica is no stranger to Hudson County, Mark hails from Jersey City, and ran a successful automotive business; Pica’s Automotive for years in Jersey City Heights, Mark is also no stranger to the restaurant business having run a successful restaurant in Newport, Jersey City

From time to time Mark will open our eyes and our palettes to some new and old-time favorite restaurants in and out of Hudson County.

For Picas Pics’ first column in the River View Observer, Mark has ventured outside Hudson County and chose Rum Runners in Seabright New Jersey.


“Picas Pics”

Pregaming for this summer’s festivities I decided to venture off to Monmouth County for an early dinner on a Beautiful Sunday afternoon. As most of you know, there are plenty of Amazing Restaurants there, but today, with summer coming, I had to be on the water.

I’ve heard many good things about The Rum Runner Restaurant in Sea Bright NJ since they did its makeover in I believe 2016, and decided to give it a shot today.

The second you walk through their glass doors into the vestibule you know it’s gonna be nice. Up a small flight of steps, through another set of glass doors, and then WOW. Spectacular Views of the Shrewsbury River, through the large windows that go along the entire length of the dining room floor. A perfect amount of decorative wood trim, elegant lighting throughout, their chic tables, and very comfortable cushioned chairs all together equaled a Major Wow! Folks, there isn’t a bad seat in the house. No matter where you sit in this restaurant, you have a Breathtaking View.

It’s always pretty cool when you’re digging how astonishing a restaurant’s decor can be, but what about the food? Well, here we go baby, right to my main. I went with their Pistachio “Dijon Crusted” Baby Lamb Chops, they were so tender and tasty, it could be the best I ever had. The Pistachio and Dijon Combo gave it a taste like never before. They were served over a Hearty Butternut Squash Risotto, tiny chunks of carrots in a black plum reduction, slightly trimmed with raspberry syrup, and guess what folks, OOOFFFHHHAAAAA Baby, Absolutely Fabulous!!!

We started off with their Delicious Honey Drizzle, Crushed Pistachio, and Goat Cheese Fritters that were “Off the Charts”!!

Being a finer restaurant, after dinner they bring over a dessert tray with several astounding choices. We chose their Lightly Crunched Caramel Cake with Fresh Whipped Cream, topped with Caramel Glaze that all resulted in a pure Caramel Bliss.

“Picas Pics” Gives this Outstanding Elegant Restaurant, The Rum Runner, Sea Bright N.J. the Max, 5 Thumbs Up! A Must Try!