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The Highest-Paying Careers

Posted on March 10, 2016 by Nick Selbe


When weighing a potential job opportunity, one of the primary factors is compensation. For those who wish to maximize their income, which jobs offer the highest salaries?

Using the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Foreign Labor Certification Data Center, CareerTrends found the 25 highest-paying occupations. Employment data from the BLS is from May 2014, while salary data from the FLCDC is from June 2015.

The FLCDC uses four categorizations for experience level: entry level, qualified, experienced and fully competent. For this list, we focused on the fully competent-level salary of each career in order to show each job’s highest possible compensation. Experienced workers typically have multiple years of experience (three years or more) in their careers and require less on-the-job supervision than entry level or qualified workers. Fully competent workers have five or more years of experience and require little to no on-the-job supervision.

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The Highest-Paying Careers