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Hoboken to create open streets 4th of July weekend on Sinatra Drive

Hoboken’s “open streets” program will continue this weekend along Hoboken’s waterfront on Sinatra Drive and other nearby streets announced Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla today. Hoboken’s “open” and “slow” streets program, which provides additional space for socially distant outdoor activities and alleviates overcrowding in other public locations, has been utilized by thousands of residents over the past two months. Permitted activities along the open streets include biking, walking and jogging, while congregating is prohibited. Face masks are required when utilizing the open streets.

“We are continuing to make the best use of our public spaces for outdoor activities, which we know are a safer alternative to gathering indoors,” said Mayor Bhalla. “Our open and slow streets programs have provided residents with more room to walk, jog and bike while remaining socially distant. Outdoor exercise is an important part of remaining healthy during this pandemic and we encourage our residents to take advantage of our open streets this July 4 weekend.”

The complete list of open streets, which restricts vehicular traffic, include:

  • Sinatra Drive between Newark Street and 11th Street: 8 am until 11 pm (July 4), 8 am until 8 pm (July 5)
  • Sinatra Drive North between Sinatra Drive and 12th Street: 8 am until 11 pm (July 4), 8 am until 8 pm (July 5)
  • Hudson Street between 11th Street and 14th Street: 4 pm until 11 pm (July 4)
  • 14th Street between Hudson Street and Sinatra Drive North: 4 pm until 11 pm (July 4)

Residents with vehicles legally parked along Sinatra Drive and other open streets do not need to move their cars. No parking signs, if posted, should continue to be observed. If residents need to utilize vehicles parked along the open streets over the weekend, they are encouraged to move vehicles outside of the hours of the open streets. Vehicles can be accessed during the hours of operation of the open streets by proceeding with extreme caution and driving no more than 5 miles per hour.  

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