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Mayor Fulop Swears in 25 New Police Officers, As the Administration Continues to Grow and Diversify the Department

Officers Sworn in Brings Department to 922 Officers; Fulop Administration has Hired Over 250 Officers and Mayor Fulop Pledges to Hire Two Additional Classes with a Total of 50 Officers in 2017


Jersey City Police Swearing in
Photo by Jennifer Brown

 JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop today swore in 25 new Jersey City police officers, bringing the size of the department to 922 officers – its largest size in two decades – as the administration continues to grow the force and enhance public safety, while also diversifying the department.

“We have made rebuilding the police department a priority since day one, and while there is still more work to do, we are proud of this new class of officers and on where we are today with our police department,” said Mayor Fulop. “We will continue to build the department and with each new class we hire, we will be able to increase foot patrols with officers interacting directly with members of the community, enhancing public safety and strengthening community relations.”

Since taking office in July of 2013, Mayor Fulop has hired more than 250 new police officers, including today’s class.  An additional class of 26 officers is also in the police academy expected to graduate this summer.  Mayor Fulop has also pledged to add two more classes of recruits this year for a total of 50 new officers to be hired by the department; the goal is for a department with over 950 officers.

When Mayor Fulop took office, there were 779 officers in the department and utilizing grant and capital funds, the administration has hired several new classes of officers with plans for continued expansion. Since last spring, the new officers joining the force have been assigned to foot patrols, primarily in the South and West Districts.  Today’s class of officers will also be deployed to foot patrol as they start their careers to enhance visibility and expand community policing.

 â€œToday is a proud day for these men and women as they take the oath of office to protect and serve their community,” said Public Safety Director James Shea.  “We are proud of them and what they have achieved, and while it is a great accomplishment to have a growing department that reflects the community, the true achievement will be when these men and women are on patrol, building relationships with the community and helping others each and every day.”

The Fulop administration has also made diversity recruitment a focus, establishing the city’s first recruitment center at the HUB and dedicating two officers to work with the community on outreach.  As a result, of the new officers hired since 2013, nearly 70 percent have been minorities, including today’s class, which includes 16 Hispanic officers, two African-American officers and one Asian-American officer.

Languages spoken within the JCPD include Spanish, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Urdu, Creole, Polish, Swahili, Bengali and Vietnamese.