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STAR TREK SEX Will Stape of Bayonne Goes Where No Writer Has Gone Before

By Sally Deering

will stape with book cover
Author Will Stape with his ebook Star Trek Sex

Writer Will Stape watched the original STAR TREK series on a black & white TV back when he was a kid and the experience left a colorful imprint in his psyche that later inspired him to write two STAR TREK episodes, the STAR TREK ESSAYS eBook and his new eBook STAR TREK SEX.

“I can remember being 3 or 4 watching STAR TREK and my little 3 year-old brain is thinking, what is this?” Stape says. “That was a little fate. It was imprinted on my brain and it was speaking to me. I always wanted to explore. I never wanted to be a pirate, I was into comic books. I’m a total Geek.”

Years after writing two scripts for STAR TREK that were turned into episodes, Stape was listening to a sexy STAR TREK bit on THE HOWARD STERN SHOW on Sirius XM Radio and it hit him that sexually-charged situations like inter-species sex; bondage, and S&M ran rampant through the plot lines and sometimes between the lines. So he did his research and in just two months, Stape wrote his second eBook STAR TREK SEX, where he highlights, analyzes and sometime chuckles at alien couplings and other Sci-Fi sex play. Continue reading STAR TREK SEX Will Stape of Bayonne Goes Where No Writer Has Gone Before

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