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Born at the Margaret Hague

Over the Years 350,000 Babies Were Born at Margaret Hague Hospital…


By Ricardo Kaulessar  Photo by Ricardo Kaulessar 

Reunions usually happen due to a shared experience: graduating from the same school, serving in the same military unit or working in the same job. But it is almost unheard of to hold a reunion for those who were born in the same hospital.

That is, unless you first came into the world at the Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital.

The legendary facility in Jersey City that for over 40 years, until its closing in 1979, had more than 350,000 babies delivered there was in the spotlight on May 16 when some of those “Margaret Hague Babies” – now full-grown adults – gathered at Zeppelin Hall in the city’s Downtown section.

The event, organized by the Jersey City Medical Center and the LibertyHealth Foundation, was attended by over 200 guests including well-known figures such as former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, now the executive director of the Jersey City Employment & Training Program, who was born at the Margaret Hague in November 1957, and Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, who was not born at the Margaret Hague. Continue reading Born at the Margaret Hague