Lowe’s Home Improvement Sponsors Beautification Projects in Bayonne

          Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that Lowe’s Home Improvement has sponsored two beautification projects in Bayonne, one by the 14 A Turnpike interchange and the other at DiDomenico-16th Street Park.  Lowe’s carried out the community programs as part of its Heroes Project, a company volunteer program. Lowe’s contacted the Bayonne Department of Public Works to find out some ways in which they could be helpful to the community.  After consulting with Public Works Director Tom Cotter, the Lowe’s volunteers began their work in two parts of Bayonne during the month of October. 

          The first Lowe’s project took place around the Bayonne welcome sign that is located immediately south of the 14 A Turnpike interchange.  The volunteers from Lowe’s installed shrubs and mums (flowers) near the Turnpike.  The goal of the work was to improve the appearance of the entry way to Bayonne. 

          The second Lowe’s project focused on the garden by the special needs playground on the lower level of DiDomenico-16th Street Park.  The Lowe’s volunteers placed shrubs, mums, bales of hay, and pumpkins there.  The purpose of this activity was to enhance the appearance of the park with an autumn theme.

          The following Lowe’s employees worked on the beautification projects:

Audrey Santiago, Myrna Santiago, Roshell Lopez, John Frade, Hector Lorenzo, Marlene Vasquez, Patrick Middleton, Brian Oblitas, Kharique McNeil, Kim Lista, Yuri Dyusseken, Akeem Montantine (operation manager), and Lamont Smith (store manager).

Mayor Davis said, “On behalf of the City of Bayonne, we would like to thank the volunteers from the Lowe’s Heroes Project for their generosity to Bayonne.  The two projects help improve the appearance of Bayonne. We are very appreciative of their efforts to give back to the community.  We look forward to working together with Lowe’s on other beatification projects in the near future.”