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 Saturday, March 1st at 8pm plus Thurs, Mar. 6 at 7 pm; Fri and Sat, Mar. 7 and 8 at 8 pm; and, Sun, Mar. 9 at 3 pm

Benjamin Holmes plays Randle P. Mc Murphy
Benjamin Holmes plays Randle P. Mc Murphy

 By Sally Deering

Ms. Hank Morris plays Nurse Ratched
Ms. Hank Morris plays
Nurse Ratched

 Ken Kesey’s book ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST was a great book that became an even better stage play when Dale Wasserman adapted it for the theater. Jack Nicholson starred in the movie version and it still resonates decades later. ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ tells the story of Randle P. McMurphy, a free-spirited hooligan who thinks he outsmarts prison officials by acting a little nuts and getting sent to a mental institution to serve his time instead of prison McMurphy becomes the hero to a ward of misfits and it doesn’t take long before he locks horns with the ward’s nurse-in-charge, Nurse Ratched, a no-nonsense control freak who runs her patients’ lives with an iron fist and a cold, hardened heart.

This terrific stage classic gets a revival this week when the Attic Ensemble presents ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST for six performances, Fri, Feb. 28 through Sun, Mar. 9, at the Barrow Mansion in Jersey City. The play is directed by George Seylaz and features Sly Augustus, Ryan Bender, Luke M. Blanchard, Ron Leir, Richard Bull, Art Delo, Colin Goodwin, Melissa Harlow, John L’Ecuver, Crystal Schenck, Andre Urban, Ray Velasquez, Catriona Rubenis-Stevens and Brendan Wahlers. (Ms.) Hank Morris plays Nurse Ratched and Benjamin Holmes plays McMurphy. Continue reading WHAT, ME CRAZY? Attic Ensemble Presents Classic ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST

ATTIC TREASURES Jersey City Theater Company Attic Ensemble Raises the Curtain on its 43rd Season

 By Sally Deering

ae-sand  Tucked away in the back of Barrow Mansion, a beautiful old building on Wayne Street in Jersey City, men and women dressed in 1940s costumes roam the rooms like ghosts waiting for their guests to arrive.

And arrive they will as The Attic Ensemble prepares for the first show of its 43rd season with the 1949 police drama DETECTIVE STORY by Sidney Kingsley. It opens Fri, Nov. 8th and runs the next couple of weekends. Directed by Attic’s Executive Director Billy Mitchell, DETECTIVE STORY features 22 actors who play 34 shady and not-so-shady characters who come through the doors of a New York City police station.

It’s a Sunday evening just five days before the show opens and actors are rehearsing in their costumes – designed  by Yolanda Keahey of Jersey City – while Mitchell keeps things moving, correcting lighting cues and coaching actors in their scenes. The stage is set with old, worn-out  desks and chairs, period typewriters and telephones which ring constantly throughout the play. Think TVs “Barney Miller” only set in the 1940s instead of the ‘70s.

There’s a certain charm about The Attic Ensemble even though there’s an underlying uncertainty about its future. For the past 42 years Attic has presented contemporary plays and musicals in Jersey City and after 42 years of struggling to make ends meet, the company’s future is as wobbly as a backstage prop table. Continue reading ATTIC TREASURES Jersey City Theater Company Attic Ensemble Raises the Curtain on its 43rd Season

STAGEfest 2013 at The landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre in Journal Square

Presents Sally Deering’s
One Act Play   
  ”SIT ON MY LAP”     
The play is about an old Vaudevillian and the reporter who
comes to interview him at the Actors’ Home
              and its a comedy!!             
                                  Starring  William Cantor and hank morris
Directed by   dorcey winant –  Production Designer  David Bayne
Fri, Mar. 22, 7:30 pm, Tix $10

  Sat, Mar. 23, 12:30 pm, Tix $15
           Sun, Mar. 24, 4 pm, Tix $10
7:30 pm, Tix $10
For more info:  201-667-3636
                                             To Order Tix Online at Brown Paper Tickets

Local Theater-Attic Ensemble- The Dining Room

September 14-23, 2012,

The Attic Ensemble, Theater for a New Jersey City, presents the first production of its forty second season: a production of The Dining Room byA.R. Gurney, directed by Wanda Maragni.

The Story: The Dining Room is a play set in a single dining room. This is a real dining room, by the way, not just a room attached to the kitchen where the table is set up. This is the sort of room in which a long wood table is accompanied by a matching hutch, buffet, and beautifully carved chairs. It’s the type of room in which manners are of the utmost importance and the rules of behavior are as uncompromising as the crystal of the water glasses. In some ways, the dining room table and chairs become a character in this play. It is the only fixture that remains constant from scene to scene. While the play is written for six actors–three men and three women–there are 57 different characters who perform 17 scenes throughout the course of a “day.”

The cast features of six features Jean Brookner, Ben Holmes, Katie Lawson, Will Nagy, Jessica Nelson and Ross Pivec Continue reading Local Theater-Attic Ensemble- The Dining Room