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   Craft Beer & Cocktails Bar/Steakhouse opens in Hoboken

   Father & Son Owners duplicate successful Haledon Eatery in Mile Square City

 Hoboken Restaurant The Shepherd and Knucklehead






By Sally Deering

 Joe and Chris Schiavo may be new to Hoboken, but they’re not new to the restaurant biz. The successful father & son team own The Shepherd & The Knucklehead craft beer bar and steakhouse in Haledon and it’s so successful, they branched out here in Hudson.

They just opened “The Shep” a little more than a week ago on Willow Avenue between 13 & 14 Streets. A huge space – it seats 125 – with 23 flatscreen TVs all turned to a sports channel lining the walls. The bar is long with 60 taps and a flatscreen above that has the latest crafts available.  Cocktails are crafty, too, Joe Schiavo says, because the bartenders squeeze fresh juices and make all the syrups from scratch. Continue reading THE SHEPHERD & THE KNUCKLEHEAD

Maxwell’s Tavern in Hoboken Still Hip after All These Years

 By Sally Deering

 Maxwell's Hoboken Like Sinatra, Maxwell’s Tavern is synonymous with Hoboken and goes back to the 1940s when the city was more working class and employees at the Maxwell House coffee plant would stop in for a brew and a bite. Although the bar looks very much like it did back in the day, General Manager Jay Donnelly says new changes came with the new owners back in March. You can now enter right on Washington Street (instead of using the side door on 11th) and there’s some beautiful art work throughout the bar area that flows all the way through to the back room where bands and other acts perform. The menu has changed, too.

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