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Bayonne Native Seeking Donations to Keep Asian Children’s Mission in Operation

By Joe Passantino 

BAYONNE – Jude Tiner wants to leave a legacy. And he’s looking for Bayonne’s and Hudson County’s help to do so.

The Bayonne native has been a big supporter of Tekno Tropheo, a religious mission in Occidental Mindoro, the Philippines, which cares for 50 children five years old and older. Tiner became enamored with the facility when visiting there in 2006.

Jude Tiner and the Children of Tekno Tropheo
ALL FOR THE CHILDREN: Bayonne native Jude Tiner is reaching out to Bayonne and North Jersey residents to again support the charity that is most dear to his heart; the Tekno Tropheo mission in the Philippines, which takes care of dozens of orphaned children.

Located in the Abra de ilog, the area was once known for its mining of gold. Local tribal people called the Mangyans live modestly in the town.

Jude Tiner and Meraly
HEART-WARMING STORY: Tiner’s love of the Abra de ilog orphabns began with with Meraly Mariano, who needed a life-saving heart operation in the U.S. He worked to get funding for her travel, as well as for St. Joseph’s Children Hospital to perform the surgery at no charge.

Tiner’s interest in Tekno Tropheo was spurred after he heard about it from his church at the time, Iglesia De Doicos Pentacostle on Prospect Avenue. He was told about a young girl with a genetic heart disease who would not live much longer if she did not get a heart procedure, one she could not get in Asia. Continue reading Bayonne Native Seeking Donations to Keep Asian Children’s Mission in Operation