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NJ Isshin-Ryu Karate’s ‘Blazing Hands’ Austin Wright Sr. Prepares for International “World Cup” in Mexico

Did you know that your Hanshi/Grand Master Austin Wright and Team Wright are World International Grand Champions?


They won numerous international gold medals in Trelawny, Jamaica in the years of 2005 and 2010.

Also, Grand Master won Grand Championship Belt.

Presently, Grand Master Wright has qualified and will compete in an International World Competition held in Cancun, Mexico in late April. The staff and the team will like to wish our Grand Master the best of success and blessing at the World Class Competition representing Team USA.

Dr Thomas head coach of the US National Martials Arts Team Alliance states, “Austin is a World International Grand Champion and a dominating force for Team USA.”

 Wright’s will compete in late April 2019.
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Bayonne, NJ Austin Wright’s Karate Dojos Have Been Recognized for Excellence and Proven World Champions (3) Generations Strong!

Beginner Classes Now Forming for Spring and Summer 

Recently, (7) Unique World Hall of Fames, Organization and The “Alliance” under Grand Master Dr. Jim Thomas President recognized Austin Wright’s Dojos as the Multi-Discipline International World Championships Academies because of their Proven Seminars and Competition results.  It started with their Sensei and Father Hanshi Grand Master Dennis Austin Wright in the Mid 1950’s  at the Bayonne M.O.T.B.Y. Base Learning Jujitsu, in the 60’s with Isshin-Ryu Karate and a Kick-Boxing in the 70’s A Combined Martial Arts theory that has been proven now for (3) Generations. 

At Hanshi (Grand Master ) Austin Wright’s Karate Dojos of Combined Martial Arts MMA and Self-Defense students learn Traditional Martial Arts of Okinawan Isshin-Ryu Karate (8th Dan), Tactical Japanese Judo Jujitsu Combative Arts (9th Dan), American Kick-Boxing (PKF) and MMA Fitness for the Entire Family Ages 3 to Adult.  We offer Senior Citizen Programs, Special Needs and Women’s Programs at 250 Broadway, corner of 10th Street, Bayonne, NJ and 1683 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, NJ.

All Programs have been Proven in the International World Martial Arts Arena in Self-Defense, Team Competition and Fitness Weight Loss Program!

Wright’s Philosophy has been about CHI (Character Humility Integrity) “If you change your Character you Change your Life”. We are offering Beginners Classes Now call 201-437-1820.

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Cervizzis Martial Arts Hall of Fame recognizes Grand Master Austin Wright  

Picture:  Left to Right (Back) Kenneth C. Jackson, World Champion, Soke Paul Cervizzi, Tournament and Hall of Fame Director, Hanshi Grand Master Austin Wright Sr., (Front) Chance Fisher, National Champion.