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Newly formed Hoboken Relief Fund, inaugural event featuring Hoboken artists on Saturday, May 16

Hoboken New Relief fund

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Councilwoman Jen Giattino, Councilman Phil Cohen and Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla announced today the formation of the newly organized Hoboken Relief Fund.  Organized to support independently-owned Hoboken businesses and Hoboken residents who have suffered adverse economic impact as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fund will invest in our local economy, helping small businesses — the backbone of our community — get back on their feet, as well as helping Hoboken’s vulnerable residents, families and our seniors. The Fund seeks to raise $2 million dollars to award.
Companies and individuals who would like to donate to the Hoboken Relief Fund can visit www.HobokenReliefFund.com.
Mayor Bhalla stated “I’m thrilled that this relief fund is launching in Hoboken to help provide a helping hand to those in need. This fund is an ideal way to give back to our community to help Hoboken recover from this crisis, and I encourage anyone who can afford to donate to please do so. I thank Councilmembers Jen Giattino and Phil Cohen and the entire board for helping make this critical relief effort possible for our mile square.”
The inaugural event for the Hoboken Relief Fund will be a concert featuring Hoboken artists performing songs to benefit the fund, next Saturday, May 16th and will be broadcast on the City of Hoboken’s Facebook page.  The event will be co-hosted by Mayor Bhalla and legendary Hoboken businessman, Buddy “the Cake Boss” Valastro.
Fund Co-Chair, Councilwoman Jen Giattino stated “Without our small businesses there would be a gaping hole in the heart and soul of our community.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to ensure that our small businesses will be supported and I am hopeful that they will be able to receive funding that will help secure their future.  Thank you to my fellow board members and Rabbi Scheinberg and Reverend Thomas for their work.  A special thank you to Geri Fallo for organizing our first event.”
Fund Co-Chair, Councilman Phil Cohen added “It is amazing to see Hoboken’s musicians and Hoboken’s celebrity chef, Buddy Valastro, come together and support our local businesses and families who are hurting right now.  Our benefit concert will be an exciting kickoff to our Fund’s goal of raising $2 million.  The Fund’s hard-working Board of Trustees and Inter-faith advisors reflect the best of Hoboken – community leaders and business leaders pulling together to persevere in the face of an unprecedented crisis.”
Hoboken Relief Fund Board of Trustees:
Joe Barry
David Bistany (Rotary Club of Hoboken Representative)
Phil Cohen, Co-Chair
Donna Garban (Hoboken Business Alliance Representative)
Jen Giattino, Co-Chair
Irene Perello, Secretary
Grant Sahag, Treasurer
Lavon Smith
Inter-faith Advisors: (in formation)
Rabbi Robert Scheinberg
The Rev. Elaine Ellis Thomas
City/Arts Community Liaison:
Geri Fallo, Hoboken Administrator of Cultural Affairs

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SINATRA SWINGS AGAIN!   2018 Sinatra Idol Contest, June 14

14 Crooners Compete for Title at Sinatra Park, Hoboken

 By Sally Deering

Sinatra Swings Again
Dan Lauzon, Ontario Candad

For those of you who know Frank Sinatra Drive as the long and winding road on Hoboken’s waterfront, well, kids, its time you knew some Hoboken history. Let’s just say Ol’ Blue Eyes grew up in Hoboken back when almost every corner had a gin joint and if you could carry a tune, some music-lover on a barstool bought you a drink.

Those were the days when Hoboken native son Frankie Sinatra walked the Mile Square City dreaming of someday making it big. And make it he did! Superstar, legend, and boy, what a voice. It’s been said that back in the 1990s, while Sinatra was in Manhattan, he would tell the limo driver to take him to Hoboken where his black limo could be seen cruising up and down the old neighborhoods.

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Hoboken Arts and Music Festival 2013

Photos by Steve A Mack

Yesterday was another beautiful day for festivals in Hudson County and our photographer Steve Mack  headed to the 19th Hoboken Arts and  Music  Festival where thousands showed up to enjoy a day of artists,  crafts, local merchants, great food and terrific music, featuring: The Feelies, Speed the Plough,  Davey and the Train Wreck, The NERDS, The Carolina Jug Stoppers and many other acts.