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Bayonne Mayor James M. Davis and City Council Swearing in Ceremony July 1st, 2014

All photos by River View Observer Photographer Steve A. Mack

steveamack.com2014-Mayor Davis's Inaugural - 16On a hot July 1st day the City of Bayonne welcomed a  new Mayor and City Council with a mass celebrated at St. Henry’s Church and then the  official swearing in ceremony of Mayor -Elect James Davis and his City Council running mates: Sharon  Nadrowski, Juan Perez  Thomas Cotter,  Salvatore Gullace, and Gary LaPelusa Councilman  at Bayonne High School Auditorium.

steveamack.com2014-Mayor Davis's Inaugural - 44steveamack.com2014-Mayor Davis's Inaugural - 34Yesterday’s swearing -in ceremony presented some firsts in the History of Bayonne. Sharon Nadrowski,  elected the first woman Council President and Juan Perez the first Latino to sit as a councilman in the history of Bayonne.

July 1st LApelusa sworn insteveamack.com2014-Mayor Davis's Inaugural - 39©steveamack.com-Mayor Davis's Inaugural 2014 - 036After receiving the oath of office from Senator Bob Menendez, Mayor Davis promised “Good, honest and open government in Bayonne.”

Menendez later said when  speaking  about the Mayor  ” Mayor Davis that has a great ring to it.”  which was met by a thunderous applause by the the family, friends of the new Mayor and his City Council.

Along with Senator Menendez, Congressman Albiro Sires was in attendance and many other current and former dignitaries and politicians from Hudson County.

steveamack.com2014-Mayor Davis's Inaugural - 01