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One month after AFLAC Snafu Gilbert Gottfried Makes’em Laugh at Michael Anthonys’ in Jersey City

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried brings laughter to the Jersey City Waterfront on Apirl 14th, 2011

By Sally Deering

 His voice is like a soft breeze blowing through a beer can; a bunch of bears munching potato chips around a campfire; a sock of nickels whacked against aluminum siding.

 There’s no mistaking Gilbert Gottfried, a comedian who’s been entertaining people with his off-the-wall comedy since the 1970s and who recently made headlines when Aflac fired him as the voice of the duck after he tweeted post-Tsunami jokes on Twitter.  The company disowned Gottfried because they found his jokes inappropriate, but Gottfried’s stand-up pals and fans defend Gottfried’s wild card humor because they know that’s his style. Even Gottfried admits he “was born without a censor.” Continue reading GILBERT GOTTFRIED QUACKS UP!