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Bayonne Mayor James Davis Column


Mayor James Davis Column
Bayonne Mayor James Davis

          As we approach the end of the summer vacation season and the beginning of school, there are some good things to do before the season is gone. 

          Clean up the litter: During the summer, a lot of people have been walking around outside.  Some of them have dropped litter in front of homes and businesses.  Now would be a good time to clean up any litter that has accumulated over the summer. It would be best to get litter off the streets, sidewalks, and ground before it gets caught under the leaves of autumn and the snows of winter.

          Cut and trim the trees and bushes:  If you have grass, trees, or bushes on your property, please cut the grass and trim the trees and bushes. It is best to make sure that your grass does not grow too tall at this time of year.  During the remaining part of summer, cutting the grass keeps down the number of mosquitoes and other bugs on your property. It is easier to trim trees and bushes before the ice and snow of winter make it too tough to do the job. 

          Clear out those backpacks: Those of you who have children in school have probably not looked in their backpacks since the end of the last school year in June. There may be crumpled-up papers still in them.  You should check the papers for anything important, and then throw the unneeded ones out.  Otherwise, they will be taking up space that should be saved for items your children will receive in the new school year.


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