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“A Tribute” to A Champion Hanshi Grandmaster Ralph Passero

Hanshi (Grandmaster) Ralph Passero An Isshin-Ryu Karate “Living Legend”

One of Bayonne’s 1st Generations of Original Karate and Kick-Boxing Legends was Hanshi (Grand Master) Ralph Passero.

Picture: From Left to right:  Ciara Castillo, UWA Brown Belt, Hanshi Grandmaster Ralph Passero, Hanshi Austin Wright Sr. and Hanshi Larry Cureton.











Mr. Passero is a “Living Legend” and a Professional Kick-Boxing Champion with the New York Puppets (Professional Full Contact Kick-Boxing Team) as well as numerous Karate Kumite Grand Championships.

In fact, most of the Original Martial Artist from the 70’s forward remember the hard work and dedication he has put into Isshin-Ryu Karate. His determination and resilience is what makes Hanshi Ralph Passero the man he is.  He has put his Life’s Mission into A.O.K.A Inc. Continue reading “A Tribute” to A Champion Hanshi Grandmaster Ralph Passero




Master Kenny Brown, Hanshi 9th Dan Ralph D. Passero, President Don Nagle’s  AOKA, and Black Belt Denzel Arlington, 2012 Don Nagle World Open Free Style  Fighting Grand champion of the Don Nagle World Open Karate Championship, held at  Marist High School, Bayonne NJ. and Master Sensei, and owner of Kedar’s Martial  Arts School,  Tyrone Arlington,      Denzel victoriously defended his 2011 title against Master Kenny Brown,representing Grandmaster Isaac Henry’s BKG Shool, an excellent fighter challenging every movement of Denzel, and was out pointed by one point after a  nine minute match, that was the high light of the days events. Master Kenny Brown, had defeated all the 1st place,  winners of the day before he earned the right to challenge the defending Grandchampion.

Don Nagle’s 2011American Okinawan Karate Assn, Inc, World Open Karate Championship, Bayonne New Jersey. This event is hosted by 9th Dan Dennis Hoare, Senior instructor of Don Nagle’s Karate in JC, and Shihan Rick Norris 8th Dan, also representing Don Nagle, and is the senior student of Shihan Dale Jenkins. This tournament is under the direction of Hanshi Ralph D. Passero 9th Dan, and President of Don Nagle’s AOKAINC. Continue reading WORLD OPEN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP HELD-See results