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No final three for Bayonne’s Enzo Palumbo when his main bro in the house  Cody Calafiore picked Palumbo over Nicole Franzel winner of BB 18 to sit in as his final two for the finale of BB 22 All Stars finale.

Palumbo was ecstatic at the news he would be sitting with Calafiore and may have a chance at winning the $500,000 prize. He hailed Cody as a great guy, his guy, his bro, and Palumbo didn’t hold back thanking and telling Calafiore how grateful he was at the chance to sit as his final two.

Ten years ago Palumbo came in 3rd place in BB 12. A feat he had expressed this game cycle he didn’t want to repeat and hoped to go all the way in BB 22.

It was obvious to viewers that these two Jersey Boys had a genuine love and respect for each other from the first day when entering the house Calafiore and Palumbo created an alliance for final two under the name The Root.

Viewers knew that Cody Califore was a clear winner for the $500,000 based on his outstanding performance; never sitting on the block the entire time in the house and winning nine competitions (five HOHs and four POVs).Plus an excellent social game creating alliances with members of the house and never getting blood on his hands as house memebers were voted off the show.

Enzo fans were hoping somehow Palumbo would be selected by the Jury to win BB 22 based on his game play winning comps early on and being a Big Brother house favorite.

In our house there were screams of anticipation for the viewer favorite Palumbo ,however, when the votes were counted Calafiore won nine of the nine votes cast by the remaining Jury members for his outstanding play during the game.

Palumbo wons $50,000 for his 2nd place spot.

Da Vonne Rogers won $25,000 as Favorite Houseguest

A well deserved win for Calafiore. Palumbo was visibly excited for his friend as the two hugged at Calafiore’s win.

Back in Bayonne, residents are waiting for the return of our favorite son Palumbo, and perhaps for his undying love of Bayonne shown by Palumbo often wearing Bayonne T-shirts on the popular Big Brother show, the city of Bayonne could present him with a key to the city showing Palumbo in Bayonne he is first, not second or Third.