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August Travel- Bonaire

bonaire turtle …It’s not just about diving anymore

     Tom Dwyer

 For decades, the island of Bonaire, located in the Dutch West Indies, (Lesser Antilles) has been known as a diver’s paradise. Year after year, divers return to the protected waters around this island of 14,000 residents, never tiring of the beauty below the water. But over the past few years, more and more visitors are coming to this 24-mile long Caribbean paradise to take in the beauty above the water as well, and all of the activities it offers.
Location and Climate
 Bonaire is located 30 miles from Curacao, 50 miles north of Venezuela and 86 miles east of Aruba.  Its yearly average temperature is 82 F and its water temperature is 80F, with an arid, desert-like terrain.

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