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art gala’s ‘big 3-0’

   JCs Cathedral Arts Festival to Host “Big 3-0” Gala, Sat, May 18

   Artists, Friends & Grace Church Community to Come Out & Celebrate

By Sally Deering

Gentrification Towers by Fermin Mendoza will be on view at CAF

It’s probably the hippest church in Hudson County: a congregation of people from all walks of life, where artists are not only welcomed, they’re celebrated.

On Sat, May 8, beginning at 7 pm, Grace Church Van Vorst on Erie Street in Jersey City will host its 30th Anniversary celebration of the CATHEDRAL ARTS FESTIVAL (CAF), a gala of friends and community members coming together to support the church’s outreach and regale in artworks by local artists. This year, five curators have put together an exhibition of eclectic art that will dazzle and inspire.  Beth Achenbach, Cat Hecht, Robinson Holloway, Andrea Morin and Amy Elise de Jong.

25th Cathedral Arts Festival to be held Apr. 18th in Downtown Jersey City

River View Observer Cathedreal Arts Festival
2013 Cathedral Arts Festival, Grace Van Vort Church by Steve A. Mack

Grace Church Van Vorst celebrates Art and Community

 By Sally Deering

Bronze Sculpture by
Seth Alexander

Back in the late 1980s and early 90s, many considered downtown Jersey City a tough and gritty place for off-the-grid artists and blue-collar workers. It was during that time Grace Church Van Vorst, an Episcopalian parish in downtown Jersey City opened its big red doors on Erie Street, and welcomed local residents, many of them artists, to participate in the Cathedral Arts Festival.

On Sat, April 18, Grace Church’s big red

Painting for 2015 Cathedral Arts Festival
By Kathyrn Mecca

doors will open once again, this time for the 25th anniversary of the Cathedral Arts Festival beckoning local residents and friends to once again enjoy a gala of art, entertainment, food and drink. Under the leadership of Reverend Laurie Jean Wurm and congregants Bayla Kallstrom as chairwoman, Amy Elise as head art curator and other dedicated artists and residents, the Cathedral Arts Festival will once again bridge art and community in this neighborhood parish.

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Candy Crush; New Works by Photographer Beth Achenbach Capture the Joy of Sweets  

By Sally Deering

 Girl with Bubble Beth AchenbachGood n’ Plenty, Pixy Stix, Zots, Necco Wafers – these are just some of the candies kids snacked on back in the day and that still evoke childhood memories in adults of all ages. People seem to connect through the shared experience of reminiscing about candy; everyone knows someone who can wax poetic about wax lips.

PixyStix by Beth Achenbach in NOSTALGIA  River View Observer  Double Bubble Bubble Gum, Bon-o-mo Turkish Taffy, Lemonheads, Dots, Pop Rocks, Candy Buttons – the candy list is endless – and photographer Beth Achenbach of Jersey City believes her photographs of candy will help people make happy connections at her upcoming exhibit NOSTALGIA at the Mary Benson Gallery in Jersey City. Continue reading Candy Crush; New Works by Photographer Beth Achenbach Capture the Joy of Sweets