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Bayonne to Receive Planning Grant Pedestrian Bridge Over Route 440 in Bayonne


 Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that the North Jersey Pedestrian Bridge Crossing Bayonne Transportation Planning Authority has approved an award of $450,000 to the City of Bayonne.  The City will use the funding to develop plans for a pedestrian bridge over Route 440 at 34th Street in Bayonne.  The goal of the planning would be to develop a preferred alternative for that pedestrian bridge, along with the environmental document needed to advance the project through the construction work phase.   Since 2014, two pedestrians have been killed in vehicular accidents while they tried to cross Route 440 in Bayonne.  At least two other pedestrians were killed in accidents on Route 440 in Bayonne in previous years. Mayor Davis said, “The City of Bayonne is deeply concerned with protecting the lives of our residents.  The recent economic development along Route 440 has created the need for safe pedestrian crossings across the highway.”  Mayor Davis continued, “We have chosen East 34th Street as the first place to study, because there is already a pedestrian overpass linking the Light Rail station with its parking lot.  We would like to formulate plans to extend the pedestrian overpass to the eastern side of Route 440, which is located next to the South Cove Commons Crossing shopping center. Many shoppers cross the highway there, as do customers of the Frank Cinema.  We want especially to provide a safe passage for children who walk to the movie theatre and the stores. By extending the pedestrian overpass, we would enable pedestrians to walk in great safety above the vehicular traffic, rather than through it.” 

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