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Al Slootsky Park to Close Monday, September 23, Due to Bridge Project

            The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced that Al Slootsky Park will close on Monday, September 23, because a large portion of the park is on Port Authority property.  The Port Authority owns the Bayonne Bridge, along with land beneath it and adjacent to it.  In agreements made in 1956 and 1980 between the City of Bayonne and the Port Authority, the municipality may operate a park on land beneath and next to the bridge at Juliette and 4th Streets.  That property has an irregular shape, and measures approximately 206 ft. by 151 ft.

           Before Slootsky Park closes, the Bayonne Department of Public Works and Parks will remove any playground equipment and basketball backboards that can be reused at other locations around the city.  The Port Authority has said that the City of Bayonne can reopen a smaller park in 2017 after the Raise the Roadway project is completed. 

          Meanwhile, as part of an agreement negotiated by Mayor Mark A. Smith, the Port Authority is funding improvements to nearby North Street Park to accommodate neighborhood children. The Port Authority will also fund new playground equipment when the park is restored.

Have you seen how they plan to raise the bridge -see the video below