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Bayonne’s Team Wright’s UWA Martial Arts “Breaks Record” Earns Fifteen, 1st Place A.O.K.A. World Karate Championship Titles.

                On Saturday October 13, 2018, Bayonne Team Wright’s UWA Martial Arts Bayonne and Jersey City, NJ Academies combined forces to break their previous record of fourteen 1st place Titles. Our previous record of 1st places was ten. The Tournament’s Director was Hanshi (Grand Master) Ralph Passero, 9th Dan in Isshin-Ryu and the President of the Don Nagle’s A.O.K.A. Inc. (American Okinawan Karate Association). Dr. Michael Wanko, Superintendent of the Bayonne Board of Education, is the CEO.

                Various Karate Styles of Martial Arts World Wide are invited to the 61st Annual Don Nagle’s A.O.K.A. Inc. Tournament.  Hanshi Dennis A. Wright, 1st Generation, could not make it this year however, his son Hanshi Austin Wright Sr., 2nd Generation and children Austin Jr., 5th Dan, Priscilla 3rd Dan and Gabriel 1st Dan Wright 3rd Generation of the A.O.K.A. were in attendance as well.  Team Wright Coaches were Sensei Kenneth Jackson Jr. and Sr. who attended and judged the competition to support the Tournament.

World Titles Team Wright won:

Chloe Rivas – Placed 1st in Sparring, 3rd in Weapons and Kata

Efrain Rivas – Placed 1st in Sparring and 1st Kata and 2nd in Weapons.

Mark Abdelmalak – Placed 4th in Sparring

Martin Abdelmalak – Placed 4th in Kata

Chance Fisher – Placed 1st in Sparring and 1st Kata

Thomas Puskas – Placed 1st in Kata

Patrick Puskas – Placed 1st in Kata and 2nd in Sparring

Cassandra Jedrzejczyk – Placed 1st in Sparring and 1st Kata

Joshua Baello – Placed 1st in Sparring and 2nd Kata

Declan McCormick – Placed 1st in Kata and 2nd in Sparring

Owen Fernandez – Placed 1st in Sparring and 2nd in Kata

Rishi Anand – Placed 1st in Sparring and 1st Kata


(From left to right : Sensei Dr. John Franconeri, Hanshi Ralph Passero, Sensei Priscilla Wright, and Austin Wright Sr.)

(Shihan Austin Wright Sr. with his son Gabriel Wright.)

All students are trained under the direct supervision of Grand Master Hanshi Austin Wright Sr. All students train at both UWA Martial Arts in the Bayonne Head Quarters and the Jersey City Branch Academies. Information on Traditional Kickboxing, Karate, and JuJitsu Team Training or Beginners Classes. Please call (201)437-1820. Walk-ins are welcome. We are family friendly. We also have adult MMA fitness.

Honorable mentions: Gabriel Wright



Bayonne’s Elite Team Wright Triumphs at NJ Karate Championship

On Sunday, March 18th in Newton, New Jersey, Team Wright out kicked, out punched, and out shouted their opponents to take home numerous first place titles at King’s Karate Tournament.

UWA Wins awards
Grandmaster Austin Wright Sr. (right) with Rising Karate Star Nico Sampson (left).

Our newest Rising White Belt Karate Stars were Nico Sampson (Wright’s nephew) and Mr. John Daniel (white belt) who both took first place in their kumite Novice Divisions. John Daniel came short of winning the “Grand Championship” after beating the Yellow Belt Champ, Green Belt Champ, Brown Belt Champ, and another Brown Belt for a close match for the final Grand Championship. John and Nico represented Team Wright as a strong dominating force for the “Bayonne Warriors,” says Head Coach and Trainer Hanshi Grandmaster Austin Wright Sr. In addition, Kenneth Jackson Jr.—black belt—was the 2017 Defending Division Grand Champion. He became Runner Up this year. He lost a close match 5-4 for the 2018 Grand Championship. Sensei Jackson also placed 2nd in Kata.

Uwa wins awards
Grandmaster Austin Wright Sr. (left) with Champions Anthony (left) and Chloe (middle) Rivas.


Other Karate Stars:

  • Effrain Rivas– Yellow Belt 1st Place Kumite
  • Novice Division, Declan McCormick- 1st Place Kata, 2nd Place Weapons and 3rd Place Sparring
  • Angel Cuatlayol– 1st Place in Kata and 4th in Sparring
  • Chloe Rivas- 2nd Place in Kata
  • Rishi Anand- 1st Place in Brown Belt Kids Division and 1st Kata Division
  • Michael Barrantes– 1st Place Green Belt Division

Coaches who attended were Kenneth Jackson Sr. and UWA International Director Grand Master Hanshi Austin Wright Sr. who is also a World Champion and former USAF Instructor. For more information on Championship Training, call (201)437-1820 or check out our website www.karatenjmma.com.











































Dennis and Austin Wright Sr. Are Inducted Into Don Nagel’s Isshin-Ryu Karate Hall of Fame with Recognitions Awards for Their U.W.A. Champion Students

            Ralph Passero and Austin Wright On October 14th 2017, Bayonne’s Team Wright received recognition awards as Isshyn-Ryu World Hanshis. Dennis and Austin Wright Sr. were inducted into A.O.K.A., Inc. Isshin-Ryu Karate Hall of Fame for their years of dedication, loyalty, championship winnings. The Wrights are three Generations of Isshin-Ryu Karate Students who are NJ Strong, with three locations in Bayonne and Jersey City, New Jersey!

            Top Rated Instructors and Competitors that received Recognition Awards were: Kenneth Jackson Sr., Outstanding Sensei, Outstanding Isshin-Ryu Warrior Competitor, Kenneth Jackson Jr., and Junior Competitor of the year is Samir O’Neill. All competitors have won numerous1st places in Various Isshin-Ryu Sanctioned Tournaments Kumite, Kata, and Weapons over the last decade. Dennis and Austin Wright Sr. are few of Isshin-Ryu Karate’s best! International World Champions, in Kickboxing, Karate, and Jujitsu and Self Defense. Dennis and Austin Wright were both given the one of the highest recognitions Inductions known as the “Guardians of Isshin-Ryu.”

          Mr. Wright gets an award

  All students train under the direct supervision of Grand Masters (Hanshi) Austin Wright Sr., who is an original A.O.K.A. member. Austin is the Highest Ranking School Owner of Isshin-Ryu Karate 8th Dan in Bayonne, NJ. Mr. Austin Wright holds a 9th Dan Grade in Judo.-Jujitsu Combative Arts and a Soke-Dai Rank 10th Dan in Universal Warrior Martial Arts.

For more information on beginners classes, call (201)437-1820, or visit www.karatenjmma.com.


NJ Team Wright is Victorious at the 2016 O.I.K.K.A World Karate Championship

UWA Warriors In this years O.I.K.K.A World Karate Championship once again, York Watson-Byrd dominated the Kumite Division and Won the Black Belt World Isshin Ryu Fighting Division. He placed 2nd in Forms and 2nd in Weapons. In the Advanced 2, 4th and 5th Division, Kenneth Jackson II clinched 3rd in Kumite coming back to win against several formidable opponents.

Newcomer Nicholas Brea, 16 year old White Belt took 1st in the Adult 18-40 Division, beating an Orange Belt to win the Adult Novice Division While fellow newcomer Michael Townes, yellow belt, placed 3rd in the same division and 2nd in forms.

In the female 18-34 year old Division, Brown Belt Adama Wiggan, Age 32 placed 2nd in Kumite and 2nd in Kata with an outstanding performance. Ciara Castillo won 2nd in Kumite, and Samir O’Neill also took home 2nd in Kumite.