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“Berth-Her ” by Danielle Scott . This new series is giving life, voice, and stories to the silenced voices of women and girls of color.

About this event

On Saturday, March 5th, we are honored to host the opening reception for the solo art exhibition featuring the new series “Berth-Her” by the award-winning artist, Danielle Scott.

“Berth-Her” is a new body of work by Danielle Scott . The series is giving life, voice, and stories to the silenced voices of women and girls of color. An artist’s duty is to tell the times. Danille Scott made a decision that no one can keep her from telling her story or theirs. Danielle says “We must speak as women and artists so we do not remain unheard, unknown, and unseen.”

Seven Works of Art Unveiled on Streets in Downtown Bayonne

Seven Works of Art Unveiled

Unveiling of Works of Art in Downtown Bayonne:  City officials joined artists and others for the unveiling of seven works of art that were painted on utility boxes and former fire alarm boxes from 5th Street to 9th Street.  Pictured here is one of the paintings, Aquarium, by Gary Wynans.   It is located on Cottage Street, slightly east of Broadway.  Pictured left to right: Council Member At-Large Juan Perez, Second Ward Council Member Sal Gullace, Mayor Jimmy Davis, City Council President Sharon Ashe  Nadrowski, Mr. Wynans, and First Ward Council Member Tom Cotter. 

               Recently, local artists and City officials unveiled a series of seven works of art that are located on utility boxes and former fire alarm boxes between 5th Street and 9th Street.  The art program is administered by Bayonne’s Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ).  Continue reading Seven Works of Art Unveiled on Streets in Downtown Bayonne

Art in Bayonne Unveiling of Art on Utility Boxes and Fire Boxes

Art in Bayonne, brought out an enthusiastic group of art lovers who visited Bridge Art Gallery at 7th and Broadway for the unveiling of  art on Bayonne’s Utility and Fire Poles on Thursday, October 12th.
Artists  Jeff Ware, Stephanie Petersen, Gary Waynans, Maria Lupianez, Samantha Llanes and Tiffany Dancy were selected to 
create art on various utility boxes and fire poles in the Bergen Point section of Bayonne 

Art in Bayonne
Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis with Bayonne Urban Enterprise Zone Director Terrence Malloy told the participants at the Art Installation that this program was the first of many to beautify Bayonne

Under the direction of Bayonne’s Mayor Jimmy Davis and created

by Bayonne UEZ Director Terrence Malloy and Assistant
Director Dee Dee Bottino the call went out looking for artist interested in creating art on Bayonne’s Utility Boxes and Fire Poles.
The art installation was made possible through the efforts of the Bayonne Municipal Council, The Bayonne Urban Enterprise Zone Corporation, Bridge Art Gallery (Cheryl and Chris Mack) Hudson County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs and Bayonne Mayor James Davis.
Both Mayor Davis and UEZ Director Malloy assured the participants that this current art program was the first of many to come to beautify Bayonne.
The artists work can be seen at these locations
Art in Bayonne
Tiffany Dancy (Broadway & 5th Street)
art in bayonne
Jeff Ware  (Broadway & 7th Street)
with two locations and Broadway & Cottage Street 
art in bayonne
Maria Lupianez (Broadway and Cottage Street)
Gary Wynans (Cottage Street)

art in bayonne
Stephanie Petersen with Bayonne Council President Sharon Ashe Nadrowski, Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis, Ms. Petersen’s two children, Stephanie Petersen, Bayonne First Ward Councilman Thomas Cotter and Bayonne Councilman at Large Juan Perez

Stephanie Petersen (8th Street & Broadway)
art in bayonne
Samantha Llanes  (9th Steet & Broadway)