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New Jersey Historian’s Website Provides Residents a Guide to Exploring NJ Revolutionary War History for the 4th of July

Photo of Alexander Hamilton bust in Weehawken
Photo by Al Frazza / RevolutionaryWarNewJersey.com

The 4th of July is a time when many people and families take an increased interest in exploring the history of the Revolutionary War era. And New Jersey has a rich Revolutionary War era history, with many physical locations still there to be explored. If you know where to look, you can stand in the same places that George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Benjamin Franklin once were.

With so much to explore, many people don’t know where to begin. To help them, New Jersey historian Al Frazza has created  RevolutionaryWarNewJersey.com, an extensive online guide to finding and exploring these locations. It features photographs and information for 650 Revolutionary War historic sites. There is something there for every level of historic interest – the historic sites range from major battlefield locations, to houses and churches, to monuments and roadside markers. And because there are locations listed in 230 towns spread throughout all 21 New Jersey counties, there are sure to be some locations nearby for everyone in New Jersey.

RevolutionaryWarNewJersey.com is utilized by thousands of people every month to help them explore and learn about New Jersey local history, and it provides the perfect starting point for those looking to begin their own historic explorations for the 4th of July holiday.  As Frazza states on the website, “Nothing creates an understanding of and excitement for history like standing in the actual locations where historic events occurred.”

Al Frazza has recently completed writing a book about the years he spent exploring New Jersey’s history, titled State of Revolution: My Seven-And-A-Half-Year Journey Through Revolutionary War New Jersey, which should see publication soon. Information about this upcoming book can be found at AlFrazza.com

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