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A Military & Musical Veteran’s Day Tribute Photos from Monday, November 11th Jerey City & Harsimus Memorial Park

On Monday, November 11th the Sixth Annual “Honoring Our Heroes” Veterans Ceremony was held at the Historic Jersey City & Harsimus Memorial Park. The Historic Jrsey City & Harsimus Cemetery  & Memorial Park is a National Treasure that represents 350 years of Jersey City. Hudson County,  New Jersey and American history and nature.

This 6-acre site is a Sanctuary, rich with history & historic momunments, small wildlife, ancient wildflowers and mysterious underground crypts and tunnels.

This cemetery was sadly abandoned 7 years ago and for five years now volunteeers have operated the Cemetery, made major repairs and contiune its transformationn into a beautiful Memorial Park & Center  for Hiostory , offering Jersey City and Hudson County  green open space, and historical, educational and cultural events and programs for children and adults

At the Miltary Musical Veterans Day Tribute was our photographer Steve A. Mack  and took these photos

We will be posting more photos soon and a video