Stanley and Bonnie Glogover-The Legacy Lives on “Father and Daughter Innovator’s”

By Evelyn Bonilla

Bergen County inventor Bonnie Glogover follows in her father’s footsteps

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Stanley and Bonnie Glogover father and daughter inventors

For many years throughout history it has been said, that the bond between “father and daughter” is one of the strongest bonds ever formed. This statement is true in many ways and for the Glogover family the strong bond and an entrepreneurial spirit, is something that is evident today. Bonnie Glogover, the daughter of the late Stanley Glogover; an inventor and entrepreneur; who designed the “first maternity nursing bra” used by thousands of new mothers today, was a pioneer in his time. Today his daughter Bonnie has invented a product that is just as inventive.

Fashion has long been in the history of the Glogover’s; as Stanley Glogover’s, parents once ran a  small clothing store, and today his daughter in keeping with family tradition has created a line of hosiery that is both innovative and exciting!

As a child the younger Glogover witnessed how an inventive idea could help millions of women around the world. Her father’s persistence and creativity bought to life a useful accessory that would change the way a woman could take care of her child with flexibility, yet be discreet. Taking that vision into consideration, his daughter has invented her own idea which holds to the same concept, in regards to flexibility.

Bonnie Glogover explains, “One day while visiting a nail salon I noticed some women were cutting open their hosiery in order to get a pedicure and then it hit me, why not create hosiery that would eliminate that process.” Right at that moment, Bonnie contacted her father who was living in Florida at the time and explained to him the idea of adding a toe flap to a stocking in order to allow for more accessibility. Stanley Glogover immediately saw the potential in his daughter’s idea and together with his daughter set out to create a prototype. The rest would be history and what would come out of that compilation would be a line of hosiery called, “Convertibles’:

“Convertibles”, is Bonnie Glogover’s creation and is currently being used by women from all over the country and internationally. It’s designed to give woman the flexibility they need in everyday life. The all-in-one pantyhose which features a unique toe flap is  perfect for open-toe shoes, when getting a pedicure, podiatry visits, carefree dancing or just being barefoot.

Glogover explains, “I wanted to design something authentic that would allow versatility, a pantyhose that had no toe seam and invisible seams on the sides of the toe flap. The closed toe flap converts into an open toe by flipping it and over and under the toes. A quality sheer pantyhose with a comfortable shape enhancing control top panty which would allow woman everywhere comfort, confidence and flexibility to be themselves.”

Today Bonnie Glogover credits her father with showing her to never give up and to always believe in her ideas. She jokes that her father designed for the “upstairs” while she designs for the “downstairs”. In summary, it seems that the two Glogover’s shared an incredible “father and daughter” bond and Bonnie Glogover will always carry her father’s legacy of strong devotion in helping others.’ To learn more about Glogover Hosiery visit