snowy owl in bayonne park

By Joe Calamito

How did you get here?

How far did you fly?

All speckled white and large with big yellow eyes

It is easy to see you don’t belong

In a city park with not much going on

Your majestic, and regal and you know it, you do

Watching from a high as they take pictures of you

Long lenses, snapping, snapping away

And I wondered as I watched, did you eat today?

The tundra, I read, you’re chosen spot, but here you sat

occupying a light post in a Bayonne park , parking lot

You made me laugh when you’d turn your head

Their eyes in their lenses their faces of dread

Hoping you wouldn’t move, for the perfect shot

And when they clicked you turned, you turned a lot

On purpose I guess, a small price to pay

To watch and observe a snowy owl today

The crowds are gone now they had their fill

And the media, well, just like the media always will

News today, and gone tomorrow

Yet I feel a sense of deep lasting sorrow

Not knowing your destination

Or if you survived

 The piece of pizza

I left for your flight