Scuba Diver Roger J. Muller, Jr. Dives for Predatory Lionfish to Save the Environment

Roger Muller hunting Lion Fish

Lionfish Hunter Roger J. Muller, Jr. in the Grand Caymans

By Sally Deering

(Hoboken, NJ) Insurance agent Roger J. Muller, Jr. leads a robust lifestyle overseeing his Hoboken-based company, Muller Insurance, and in his spare time, streaking across the ice as Captain of the Hoboken Rockets hockey team. Off the ice, Muller exchanges hockey pads for a wetsuit, and instead of playing offense with a hockey stick, Muller faces his opponents with a spear and a containment device: the only gear he needs to hunt the predatory lionfish.

The Lionfish
The zebra-striped lionfish (Pterois)