Real Estate Developer Initiates Development in Jersey City

   Liberty State Park Area Benefits from Developers Vision

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By Evelyn Bonilla

Jersey City is located on the west bank of the Hudson River across from lower Manhattan in New York City. According to the United States 2000 Census it is New Jersey’s second largest city behind Newark. Throughout the years Jersey City, N.J. has seen its share of ups and downs in the real estate market. While some areas have thrived, other areas still remain underdeveloped after years of commercial and industrial inactivity.

There are several areas within Jersey City that still linger for a chance to prosper, but there is one area in particular that has drawn the attention of real estate developer Vince Soriero. Soriero a young real estate developer and owner of Hamilton Park Pizza Cafe’ is dedicated to redeveloping and restoring areas currently under distress. Most recently he has rehabilated two 6-unit buildings by converting old-style apartment units into 2-bedroom, 1 bath luxury condo units. He presently has focused his attention on the Bergen-Lafayette area. This specific location lies within close proximity of Liberty State Park.

The Liberty State Park area has grown during the years, recently with the Liberty Science Center which is located in Liberty State Park. The science center has introduced a total state of the art expansion to their facilities; now add to that the amenities of Liberty State Park such as nature trails, bike paths and marina and you have total access to enjoyment at its finest. The area also houses the Liberty National Golf Course and will soon add to its list the Liberty Hotel and Conference Center which is due for completion in 2009.
Soriero was inspired to invest in the Bergen-Lafayette area by close friend and co-partner Larry Brush. Brush is an avid real estate developer and real estate broker in Hudson County for Empire Realty Group in Hoboken. Brush is currently developing a 14-unit unique loft styled condo conversion called Library Hall Lofts which will be located at 704 Grand Street in Bergen Hill.
Soriero with Brush’s encouragement purchased a 3-family rental building in 2005 in the Bergen-Lafayette area. As of late this area has become prime property in Jersey City. Soriero explains, “Now is the opportune time to buy in this area. With so many major developments taking place this is a place that will definitely make a great place for someone to call home.”
Soriero and Brush are both residents of Jersey City and seem to have a “great vision” for the city’s future development. By revitalizing the Bergen-Lafayette area they are giving many individuals and families an opportunity to “realize their dream” of owning their own home.
To inquire about Soriero’s 83 Maple Street 6-unit Condo Conversion and Brush’s Library Hall Lofts visit or call Empire Realty Group at (201)792-8300 

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