NEW -Issyra Gallery – The Hoboken African Art Gallery opens its doors to the public this week

“Issyra Gallery, is wonderful addition to the  Hudson County  Art Scene”- The River View Observer

After several months of preparation, the Issyra Gallery situated 313 First Street in the Jefferson Trust Historical Building in Hoboken is now ready to welcome visitors.

The Sow family, a mixed family from Africa and the USA, have lived in Europe for the majority of their lives. They decided to move to Hoboken when Rebecca, Issa Sow’s wife, was asked to relocate for her career. They literally fell in love with the charm of Hoboken and therefore decided to open up a gallery in this town in order to share their passion for African art and culture.  They have a strong desire to contribute actively in Hoboken’s rich cultural life.

Their aim is to promote talented contemporary African artists in order to fight against a tendency in the art world to only value antique African art.  Indeed, the Sow family believe that this attitude stifles the growth of African Art that is in fact a “living art”.  These artists have learned their technique and style as it was passed down from generation to generation.

Issyra gallery hopes that one day these artists will be recognized for their individual style and will be able to create a name for themselves. To further this aim, Issyra Gallery is creating an association to honor  African artists by providing them with the tools they need to perpetuate the transmission of their artwork. Issyra Gallery will contribute a percentage of their sales to this charity once fully created.

Issyra Gallery is a truly African Gallery…from the traditional and contemporary objects in its collection to the way the gallery is laid out!

Feel free to come and visit: Monday to Wednesday 11:00am to 7pm, Thursday to Saturday 11:00am to 09:00pm and Sunday 12:00 to 5pm. Private appointments also available: 201 459 0700/917 922 2690

Issyra Gallery  invites  the public  to sign up for their grand opening on Thursday September 20th by sending an email at [email protected]