Mayor Fulop Announces Desk Audit of City Workers & Programs

Outdated Programs to be Phased Out; High-Performing Programs to Receive Additional Resources & Redeployed Staff

JERSEY CITY SEAL LOGOJERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop today announced that his administration has started a desk audit of all civilian management and supervisory employees. A desk audit hasn’t been conducted in Jersey City in nearly ten years.

The purpose of the desk audit – which will be conducted division by division, department by department – is to evaluate employee functions and accomplishments over the last year, as well as program performance and the need for redeployment of staff to better serve the residents.  Additionally, the audit serves to eliminate any duplication of services.

“The taxpayers deserve to have every dollar they pay to the city work for them and redundant services eliminated,” said Mayor Fulop.  “We want to make every employee and every office accountable and working to its fullest potential for the residents and business owners.  To do that, we need to understand the human resources we have in place and maximize staff utilization.”

Mayor Fulop expects to complete the internal review over the next several weeks and begin restructuring programs and departments based on the findings.