Luxurious Decorating Trends Your Neighbors Will Envy


DECOR for October

(ARA) – With the housing market in flux, more and more people are looking at the potential beauty of their current home. Changes can be as simple as redecorating and updating your home’s style. Some of the season’s most popular trends are producing surprisingly luxurious results that are much easier to implement than you might think.

“You no longer need to move or even do a heavy remodel to breathe fresh life into your home’s décor,” comments Ken Locicero, a Divisional Merchandise Manager for ShopNBC. “Subtle changes such as adding a touch of color or focal piece of furniture can really give your home some personality.”


When deciding on color, it’s easy to stay in the safety zone and stick with standard neutral tones. But in reality, more people are using colors that pop. “What’s really popular right now is to shed the boring colors that can seem drab and try spicy colors,” adds Locicero.

Chili-pepper red is the trend for this fall and into the holiday season. Look for this color on everything from wall decorations to pillow accents to glassware. Even red lighting is becoming a popular decorating accent. Try combining other zesty colors such as rich yellows, organic greens and fiery oranges to achieve a look that is sure to get attention.

“It’s really amazing what a few accents in a home can do to an entire room,” says Locicero. “Adding a throw and some pillows, along with perhaps a vase and wall hanging can transform a room to have a vintage country influence, a modern feel or even have Asian-infused design elements.”

One piece of décor that is really popular for all design types is the mirror. Hang a large mirror in a room as a focal point that not only opens up the space, but distributes the light beautifully. Or, for something different, hang a wall with several smaller mirrors for an interesting decorative element that draws in the eye. Shapes, sizes and frames come in an infinite amount of styles so they can coordinate with your overall theme.

In the bedroom the trend is luxury. Homeowners are realizing the value in investing in this room and making it a sanctuary for the senses. “Silk and high thread count sheets are hugely popular for the ultimate sleeping experience,” comments Locicero. “Bedroom pieces, such as pillows and curtains, are being accented with crystals and tassels for a lavish and indulgent look.”

Dining Room
The dining room is often overlooked as a place for decoration between holiday occasions. But the newest trend in home décor is decorating your tabletop throughout the year. Guests are sure to comment on tabletop décor as they are used to only seeing it during special occasions.

“Filling a large vase with flowers or filling a crystal bowl with seasonal fruit are both very easy ways to decorate the table and project a very affluent décor in your dining room,” says Ken Locicero. “You could even choose a variety of candles and place in a circular design. Have some fun with it! Tabletop decorations no longer need to be holiday-specific so you can project a little bit of your own personality into your home’s style.”

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