lovari, artist & performer achieves one of his dreams


By Monica Prestia

Growing up in Queens, NY, Lovari says, “I’ve tested the waters of all five boroughs in NYC and lived in each one, and ultimately have been in New Jersey for ten years now. I have a Philadelphia stint too. My name is of Italian descent and there is also a Romani tribe named Lovari, who often travel. I have this urge to pick up and settle somewhere else every few years. But everyone kows that I am partial to NJ and consider myself a Jersey boy.”
Despite his tri-state wandering feet, Lovari began his career upon his first move into Manhattan at 20 years old. “I rented a room in the apartment of a recording studio on East 13th Street. I stood there for a few months working on my demo, and then ended up moving a block over to share an apartment with a man that I became friends with, who was the manager of a bodega.He rented out the front of his storefront to Amadou Diallo, who became my friend.” Amadou Diallo became a tragic headline name when he was shot and killed 41 times by NYPD in the Bronx. 
Lovari released a two singles independently in the mid 2000s, but it wasn’t until 2009 that he released a full album of original material called “The Statement”. Flash foward ten years later and his ultimate dream of charting on Billboard has been achieved with his current single “No Day Like Today”, a duet with recording artist/reality tv personality Adam Barta. The music video features cast members from Real Housewives Of New Jersey – Margaret Josephs, Delores Catania, Marge Sr., and is directed by RHONJ recurring cast member Brett Josephs.

Monica Prestia, Contributing Writer for the River View Observer recently interviewed the up and coming artist Lovari on his past and recent success in the music industry

RVO“No Day Like Today”, your duet with Adam Barta, is your first single currently hitting the Billboard charts – tell us more about this song and what it means to you.

LOVARI For over 10 years, my number one goal has been to chart on Billboard. When I was a 12 years old, I used to watch America’s Top Ten on TV and listen to America’s Top 40 on the radio, and I would buy issues of the magazine in print. I prayed nearly every day to get on the chart – and I finally have.  In addition, I received an extra blessing when Billboard wrote an article about the song in their Chart Upstarts section. I have to credit my friend Adam Barta for facilitating everything in regard to it.  He knew how much this meant to me, and he selflessly worked to make it happen.  I allowed him to take the reins and write the song – which involves alot of trust because with the exception of my new album, I have written all of my own songs and melodies.