LIVING ON THE WATERFRONT -Dori Pole Pennant System Enlivens Waterfront

Its exclusive non-tangling, swiveling “yoke” bracket displays eye-catching, wind-blown nylon pennants that deter geese and other birds from making a mess

Waterfront homeowners and those with boat docks can now enliven waterfront living while deterring geese and other birds from making a mess on their property with the Dori Pole Nylon Pennant System, offered by Consort Display Group.

The Dori Pole Nylon Pennant System is no ordinary pole-mounted flag or windsock.  Instead, with a fiberglass pole and a 15-foot long or 8-foot long nylon pennant, it offers the industry’s only non-tangling, swiveling “yoke” bracket, which mounts eye-catching pennants that “dance” in the wind and deter bird mess for cleaner docks, shore lines and shore stations. 

With 15 standard pennant colors, 23 custom colors, 12 color pairs, and four pole heights from 12’ to 22’ tall, the pennant system gives waterfront homeowners and those with docks an ample palette to decorate their property.  As the long, elegant pennants flutter and rotate horizontally to the “whims of the wind”, some homeowners compare to them to dancers or flickering firelight.

 Waterfront homeowners are also finding the Dori Pole Nylon Pennant System a humane preventive solution to unwanted bird mess.  Some migrating birds such as Canada Geese, which can each weigh up to 14 lbs. and leave up to two pounds per day of messy droppings behind, have been multiplying near waterfront properties due to ample food supplies, few predators, and protection under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. 

 Waterfront homeowners are finding that the unpredictable movements of the wind-blown pennants can quickly encourage geese and other unwanted birds to leave their property, preventing the accumulation of unsightly bird droppings.

As the Dori Pole Pennant System’s unique swiveling top yoke keeps the pennant from tangling, its ¼-inch fiberglass top arms hold the pennant firmly in place to withstand strong winds.  The pennants are easily changed using a tension arm system and sleeves of the yoke.  The system is easily installed for permanent or temporary display, completely weather resistant and can remain mounted year round.

 The lightweight Dori Pole system can be shipped by UPS or FedEx, which is unique for poles and pennants of their size. Dori Poles are manufactured in Michigan.

For more info, call 800-525-6424 toll free; Fax 888-880-6341 toll free; email [email protected]; visit ; or write to Consort Display Group, 2129 Portage St., Kalamazoo, MI  49001, USA.