Largest Jersey City Recruit Class in Over 3 Decades Entering  Police Academy

Exceeding the Fulop Administration’s Goal of 950 Officers Citywide

With 76 New Recruits, the City’s Police Department Reaches its Largest Size in More than Two Decades, Increasing Police Presence, Walking Patrols & Community Relations

Mayor Steven M. Fulop and public safety officials
announce the largest police recruit class in more than thirty years entering the police academy this month as the Fulop Administration continues to expand public safety citywide. The Fulop
Administration has now surpassed its original goal of growing the Jersey City Police Department to 950 officers.  With this latest class of 76 recruits, the department will be reaching a total of more than 960 officers citywide.

“We inherited a police department that was at a historical low in officers, and from day one set out to expand the force,” said
Mayor Fulop.  “With the addition of this newest recruit class, we have now hired
more than 400 officers, exceeding our goal to grow and diversify the police department and enhance public safety throughout Jersey City.”

“We’ve not only worked to increase the number of officers citywide, but we’ve also focused on diversifying the department to reflect Jersey City – the most diverse city in
the country,” Mayor Fulop added.  “These 76 recruits are reflective of that, with minorities making up nearly three-quarters of the new class.  While we know there’s more work to be done, we’re proud of how far we’ve come as Jersey City continues to
serve as a model for police recruitment and diversity.”

The Fulop Administration set out to expand the Police Department after acquiring 769 officers in 2013 when Mayor Fulop took office.  Earlier this year, the department reached
its largest size in more than two decades and this new class of recruits further expands those numbers.

Establishing a greater police presence has also aided in the strengthening of community relations, as more officers mean greater interaction with the community. Various outreach
programs have also been designed to bolster communication between officers and residents, an effective crime prevention tool.

“Increasing public safety has been a top priority for this administration from the start,” said
Public Safety Director James Shea.  “The increase in officers has enabled more foot patrols in areas where they are most needed, a proven crime deterrent.”

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