Did You Know? Nine of New Jersey’s 20 Largest Office Buildings Are Located in Jersey City

jc skyline courtsey City Data Listed by  NJ BIZ Rankings Based on Square Footage of Office Buildings
Jersey City residents have something else to be proud of according to a NJ BIZ ranking announced today by  Mayor Steven M. Fulop- that  nine of the twenty largest office buildings in New Jersey – based on square footage – are located in Jersey City.
“Jersey City has the largest down town skyline in New Jersey and this list proves the point,” said Mayor Fulop. “Some of our larger new commercial tenants include the Depository, Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) and Fidelity Investments. Our proximity to New York, our lower operating costs, the relative newness of our office buildings, and our diverse and highly-skilled workforce are all factors in why more and more businesses are choosing Jersey City.”
From NJ BIZ:
#2 – Goldman Sachs – 30 Hudson Street
#4 – 101 Hudson Street – 101 Hudson Street
#5 – Newport Office Center 7 – 480 Washington Boulevard
#9 – Newport Tower – 525 Washington Boulevard
#11 – Harborside Plaza 5 – Harborside Plaza 5
#12 – Harborsize Plaza 2 – Harborside Plaza 2
#14 – Harborside Plaza 3 – Harborside Plaza 3
#17 – Newport Office Center 4 – 545 Washington Boulevard
#20 – Newport Office Center 5 – 575 Washington Boulevard
Photo source: City Data