Jon D’Amore Delivers His Next Book, Deadfellas


Jon D’Amore Delivers His Next Book,  Deadfellas

by  Diane Lombardi-Fleming

Jon D’Amore Delivers His Next Book,  Deadfellas

Hudson County native and the author of his bestselling memoir, The Boss Always Sits In The Back, Jon D’Amore has published his long awaited sequel. Except that it’s not really a sequel. Deadfellas incorporates the best (and the worst) of the North Jersey mob with a supernatural theme, which makes for a satirical tale where everyone involved gets their just reward. Where “The Boss” was based on D’Amore’s true life events, Deadfellas stays with the Jersey mob theme, but the story is fiction. “No one would have guessed that mixing the underworld with the real underworld would result in such an entertaining combination,” D’Amore says, after receiving reviews from literary insiders and other authors fortunate enough to get advance copies.

            The author expertly used his ability for storytelling, humor, creativity and deep character development to tell a tale that has the reader rooting for the bad guys. D’Amore has taken these unlikely elements and once again created a “hard to put down” book. The main characters are complex, honorable, sinister, loyal, and in spite of their occupation, likeable. Yet, by the final chapters, one finds they’re hoping everyone gets out alive.

            The fact that D’Amore knows and understands the mob is evident from the first pages of Deadfellas. That he has a sense of humor is also evident. That he is a master at weaving very different elements into a cohesive and fun book is a joy for the reader, and speaks highly of the author’s creativity and imagination.

            Historically, it’s the book that gets released and is eventually, and hopefully, turned into a screenplay. But when Jon D’Amore is involved, things never happen in the traditional manner.

            Several years ago while living and working in Hollywood as a script doctor, D’Amore partnered with screenwriter Steve Barr to create an idea for a feature film to fit the zombie-genre. Jon and Steve now laugh as they remember producers telling them they had missed the boat, and that the “zombie wave is over.” As detailed by Barr in Deadfellas’ Foreword, this was soon followed by the release of films like Zombieland, and a stream of TV shows such as The Walking Dead, iZombie and many others, “Once again,” states D’Amore, “Those who claim to know what they’re talking about, often don’t.”

            D’Amore will be touring the country, beginning in Los Angeles in early September and will arrive for several appearances in New Jersey and New York City during late-September into early-October.

            To purchase signed copies of Deadfellas and The Boss Always Sits In The Back, go to Unsigned copies and e-books are also available through Amazon, and iTunes.