Jersey City Police Department conducting DWI checkpoint to protect those who live and commute in Jersey City.

JERSEY CITY SEAL LOGOJERSEY CITY – As part of the efforts to curb drunk driving, underage drinking, and aggressive driving, law enforcement in Jersey City are dedicated to prevent and deter future fatalities on our city streets.  This weekend, the Jersey City Police Department will be conducting a DWI checkpoint to protect those who live and commute in Jersey City.  Allocations are provided through the Drunk Driving Enforcement Fund.

Law enforcement officials will be evaluating drivers for signs of alcohol or drug impairment at certain points in roadways. Police officers will be targeting impaired driving by observing moving violations such as no seatbelt, reckless driving, speeding, aggressive driving, and cell phone use.

The New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety has funded the Department through grant funds to select July as the designated month for specifically targeting speeding and aggressive driving.  Police officers will be using radar to detect motorists who are speeding and exhibiting other aggressive driving behaviors on city streets.  Currently, there are approximately 50 police officers trained as radar operators in the Police Department.

This summer, the Jersey City Police Department is also fighting against underage drinking under the program referred to as Cops in Shops. Funded by the Department of Justice and administered locally by the New Jersey’s Division of Alcohol and Beverage Control, Cops in Shops is a proactive approach which places undercover officers in retail liquor establishments to target the sale of alcohol to minors as well as those of legal age to purchase it for them.

Being proactive in addressing at-risk driving behaviors, underage drinking, and other traffic safety concerns through various enforcement and educational initiatives are just some of the things the Jersey City Police Department strives to achieve on a daily basis.