Jersey City Mayor’s Office & OEM Issues Reminders Ahead Of Winter Storm Warning

Keeping Corners Clear of Vehicles Makes Clean-up Easier & Less Costly


Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy and the Jersey City Office of Emergency Management are asking motorists to keep intersections clear and not park close to corners in preparation of the first snowstorm of the year which is expected to begin after midnight and last until the early evening Saturday.

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch from midnight tonight through Saturday evening, with accumulations expected between three to six inches.

“We are urging residents to eliminate all non-essential driving tonight and to avoid double parking and parking close to corners,” said Mayor Healy. “This will greatly assist us in the clean-up of this storm and the passage of plows.”

The city snow team, which is comprised of representatives from the Mayor’s Office, the Jersey City Incinerator Authority, the Department of Public Works, the Office of Emergency Management, and the Parking Authority, has been meeting regularly in advance of the winter weather to fine tune the city’s snow plan.

“All of the necessary measures have been taken and our crews will work quickly to address any accumulations, first on our emergency routes and thoroughfares and then the secondary streets,” added  Healy. Additionally, residents are required to shovel snow and ice from the sidewalks surrounding their property within eight (8) hours of snowfall or by sunrise, whichever comes first. Business owners are required to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks surrounding their property within four (4) hours of snowfall or by sunrise, whichever comes first.

It is also a violation of city ordinance to deposit snow into the street after it has been plowed, and residents are required to pile all shoveled snow against the curb line.

When removing snow around your parked vehicle or home, do not throw it into the street. Inspectors will be issuing warnings and summonses to individuals who violate this ordinance.

“We are asking that residents abide by the city ordinances so that we are able to clear the streets in a timely fashion during a snow storm,” said Mayor Healy. “It is a service to the city and to your neighbors and will help us get the job done the first time.”