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           The Art of OLIVIA FUNGHINI -Hoboken ART TOUR The Monroe Bar  October 19th                                                



 Jersey City Artisit Olivia Funghini was born in  Macau, China to a Portuguese father and a Chinese  mother which makes her Macanese.  Her passion to paint and draw evolved at a very young age with the influence of graffiti. ” I can remember using my mother’s coal eye pencil to draw on brown paper bags. I still use some of these materials today in my art work. In my painting entitled “Freedom” I used brown ripped up brown paper bags and markers to create the collage painting. I primarily paint with markers and feel as though they are an extension of my hand and I seek to combine explosive colors to produce what I consider bold, bright and daring. I see the world in intense colors and shapes and try to capture what I envision in my art.”


 Ms. Funghini directed a pop-up book program in a Special Education school funghini-power.jpgfor ten years, where she  showed children how to create hand made pop-up books from scratch using simple craft materials.  These books were later displayed at The Chubb Institute’s art gallery in New Jersey. In March the artisit’s art was displayed at a show in City Hall in Jersey City. I also have a showing in “The Monroe Bar” in Hoboken on October 19 for The Hoboken Art tour.

To reach the artist Olivia Funghini please email her

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