Internal Revenue Service (IRS) toHost Mock Criminal Investigation Training for Saint Peter’s University Students

The eight-hour Adrian Project experience is designed to teach students about the law enforcement side of accounting and to expose them to a potential future career path.

The IRS-Criminal Investigation team will visit Saint Peter’s University to lead a special real-world learning experience titled, the Adrian Project. The Adrian Project is an education and training program designed to introduce students to the law enforcement aspects of a career in accounting and tax.

IRS special agents will lead approximately 30 students as they investigate a mock case where they will be exposed to activities such as interviewing an informant and an accountant, analyzing financial records, conducting foot surveillance, learning defensive tactics techniques and ultimately arresting the criminals.

Students wearing bulletproof vests and holsters with fake guns
Defense training tactic lessons
Students performing an “arrest”
Foot surveillance where students will follow their targets using handheld radios

Monday, April 29

7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

*If you are interested, Saint Peter’s can share insight on when to come based on your availability

Saint Peter’s University Jersey City campus

McIntyre Conference Center


Angeline Boyer

Saint Peter’s University

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