Fundraiser for Michael Worosila-Strength in Numbers:

little-joeys-familyBy Evelyn Bonilla

Michael Worosila and brother Joey
Michael Worosila and brother Joey

It’s amazing how certain circumstances in life can bring people closer together; but even more amazing is for fellow coworkers, their corporation and a community to bond together to help one of their own.  

Michael Worosila the five year old son of (Billie Worosila an IMTT field operator and his wife Kristin), has been suffering from a rare disease called AML-Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, a fast-growing cancer of the blood and bone marrow. First diagnosed in April of 2010 at the age of 4, Michael has been battling continuously to fight this deadly disease. He has undergone several rounds of chemotherapy and has fought hard against high fevers.


As his parents move bravely from procedure to procedure with Michael, the cost of each process can be exhausting. So, in an effort to help a friend in need Billie Worosila’s friend, Freddy Fulton an IMTT coworker and long time friend decided to help out with a community fundraiser. In his search to find a location for the event Fulton approached, Robbins Reef Board of Officers and asked if it was possible to hold the event at their facility at the Robbins Reef Yacht Club, their response, “what date did you have in mind?”

The final result was a fundraising event at Robbins Reef Yacht Club, which drew a crowd of more than 250 people; all of which included a hundred or more IMTT workers, family, friends and a performance by the rock band “Syren Nation” a well-known Bayonne, New Jersey band. 

Fulton’s response, “It’s amazing, how everyone came together to help out.” I’m glad I was able to help my friend Billie and his son. Children are the most innocent people; they don’t deserve to be sick.”

As people gathered together to support the cause to help Michael and his family, Billie Worosila was overcome with gratitude and surprise. “This is awesome, so much support, everybody coming together, and it’s more than words can say. I want to thank everyone here today for their support, everyone at IMTT who came out and everyone from Robbins Reef.  I also want to thank my son Joey, who’s a great brother to his brother Michael and special thanks to my friends Freddie and Jay for all their help and support.”

When asked how his son was doing Worosila explained. “Right now, Michael is in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with my wife. He has recently undergone bone marrow surgery and is recovering. He knows he’s really sick, but he’s in high spirits and he’s always smiling.”

Michael’s mom’s Kristin also expressed her gratitude as she spoke from her son’s hospital bed. “It is overwhelming, I wish I could’ve been there at the fundraiser to thank everyone for their support; but Billie and I have always promised that one of us will always be with our son while the other one is gone.”

When asked, “What was the best thing about her son”, she replied, “The best thing about Michael is that he is always smiling.” Even after the surgery, he woke up from the anesthesia and he was smiling.” We’re really grateful for that.”

As the fundraising event continued and the support of the community flowed in, Freddy Fulton was also overcome with gratitude. “I would like to thank everyone who came out to help and support this special fundraiser for Michael. “I have so many people to thank”, he explained. “I want to thank IMTT (International-Matex Tank Terminals) Coleman Family, Plant Manager, Dick Fisette, the Board of Officers of the Robbins Reef Yacht Club and their organizers, Ricky Suarez, restaurant vendors: San Vito’s, Mona Lisa, Italia, Mama Rosa, Pizza Amore, Venice, Bon Appetito, Melanie’s, Senerchia’s, Judickies, Kuhl’s Tavern, Cafe Bello and Bayonne Party Connections-Roger & Jackie for the great table decorations and balloons. I also want to thank Archie’s for donating the van for the day. Additional thanks goes to the band “Syren Nation” who entertained the crowd throughout the entire event.

“Thanks again to all who came out; friends, friends of friends and anyone that I missed, thanks for all the support and help for Billie, his family and his beautiful son Michael, and to Michael we wish you all the best and come home soon.”

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