Free Chemical Detoxification of Your Home Workshop Thursday, October 25th

Felecia Bell Schafer, a native of Bayonne and owner of Walk i Heath, a holistic nutrition and health restoration practice, will be hosting a free heath workshop open to the public on Thursday, October 25th at 7 p.m. at 734 Broadway (at 33rd Street.)

The topic of discussion will be the chemical detoxification of your home and learning what you can do to clean up your home environment. A brief question and answer session will follow Schafer’s talk.

Schafer has been empowering the citizens of Bayonne for several years with her vast knowledge from the health and wellness arena. She is a board certified holistic nutritionist with a master of science. She attended Carnegie Mellon University, University of California, and Point Park University. She also graduated cum laude with a degree in fine arts. Schafer certified  in advanced  clinical  training and holds a certification in basic iridology, nutrition.

Upon completion of the workshop, refreshments will be available. Seating is limited, so call now to reserve your seat for this life changing event.

To reserve a seat, call Alexis at 201-858-4049