Dining: restaurant VIEWS -Something’s Sizzling in Jersey City at Golden Grille

 TheGoldenGrillepic4  Golden Grille Heats Up Newark Avenue with Charcoal Barbecue Grilling

 By Sally Deering

 Jersey City’s urban dwellers can stop longing for that backyard to set up the barbecue grill. Rain or shine, you can now head over to the Golden Grille on Newark Avenue for some tasty charcoal-broiled barbecue pork ribs, chicken, steak and seafood.

Located on the corner where Monmouth Street meets Newark Avenue, the Golden Grille opened its doors a month ago to bring Fusion Churrascaria to an already busy neighborhood. The owners of the new Golden Grille transformed this corner location– it used to be a dessert place – into a hip 26-seat bistro with a contemporary design and house specialty: Fusion Churrascaria – charcoal grilled meats with a smoky barbecue flavor that’s mouth-wateringly delicious (think Brazilian/Portuguese barbecue).  Golden Grille also serves seafood and pasta and all the dishes are made with fresh ingredients.

Here’s a sampling of the dinner menu:  Starters include Fried Calamari, Mussels in Wine Sauce, Rock Shrimp, Chicken Croquettes and Codfish Croquettes. The croquettes were really tasty, especially the Codfish which were crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. They each came with spicy dipping sauces. ($4.95-$11.95)

The Charcoal BBQ menu offers chicken dishes like Chicken BBQ, Chicken Francese and Chicken Parmiagiana; Beef dishes including Skirt Steak, Filet Mignon, Porterhouse and Rib-eye; Pork dishes like Grilled Pork Chops and Rack of Pork Ribs; and Seafood entrees including Grilled Calamari, Snapper, Salmon, and Shrimp. The Pork Ribs and the Chicken BBQ were a tasty experience – the meat and chicken were moist and juicy and the charcoal BBQ added that smoky flavor. There’s also a Combo dish with Chicken, Pork Ribs and Beef Ribs which is hearty enough for two to share. ($7.95-$23.95) 

The pasta menu includes Linguine with Clam Sauce; Seafood Scampi with Shrimp, Clams, and Scallops; Stuffed Flounder; and Shrimp Parmigiana. The Marinara sauce served with some of the pasta dishes was a step above with an aromatic flavor that was almost hypnotic – definitely give it a try during your visit.  ($18.95-$19.95) There are salads and sandwiches, sides and desserts including a Passion fruit Mousse that is so divine you will want seconds. ($4.95) The coffee is hearty and strong and the milk is served steamed so it seems like you’re drinking Cappuccino.

On Weekends, Golden Grille serves a brunch which is very popular. For Starters, you get a choice of soup or salad; Entrée choices include Omelettes, Steak and Eggs, Chicken Sandwich with Eggs, Cheeseburger, Pork Chops; and Meatballs with Spaghetti. For Dessert there’s a choice of Mousse or Fresh Fruit Cup.  ($13.95)


Diners are encouraged to bring their own wine or beer and no matter where you sit in the dining room, you can see the chef prepare your dish over the open charcoal barbecue pit.  And now that spring is almost here, Golden Grille is getting ready to open its backyard where an additional 25-30 customers can sit under starry skies and dine on added summer dishes like special salads and cerviches.  


Golden Grille is a nice place to bring a date or just take yourself out for some delicious charcoal grilling. Just a short walk from the Grove Street PATH, the Golden Grille is cool and cozy and fits right in with the hip feel of downtown Newark Avenue.


Golden Grille

Fusion Churrascaria

270 Newark Ave

Jersey City

(201) 721-5540


Hours:  Mon-Thurs, 11:30 am-9 pm

Fri, 11`:30 am-10 pm

Sat, 10 am-10 pm

Sun, 10 am-8:30 pm

Sat/Sun Brunch: 10-6