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New Jersey Restaurant Owners bring to

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Two Unique Styled Restaurants




By Evelyn Bonilla

   When forming a restaurant, many restaurant owners take into consideration the type of restaurant they would like to introduce to the public. The food, location and setting are important entities when formulating its beginning.
   David O’Brien and his sister Anne Marie took careful consideration when selecting perfect locations for their restaurants. Not only have they selected perfect environments for their restaurants, they have also preserved and added to the history of Jersey City. Their restaurants are unique in style and also bring to the forefront an incredible environment, delicious cuisine and an ambiance like no other.

The Embankment located at 234 10th Street in Jersey City is a reflection that has captured all that is special in that area. A few blocks away from this restaurant is the magnificent Embankment structure. For those that are not familiar, the Embankment is a massive segmented stone structure that borders the National Historic Districts of Harsimus Cove and Hamilton Park. Its walls are made up of sandstone and granite. In keeping with the environment The Embankment Restaurant has captured this aura and portrayed it superbly.

   Parted velvet black curtains make the perfect introduction into the entranceway of what appears to be the entrance of the Embankment. A large stone wall welcomes its diners into a very cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The dining area is made up of two rooms, a large dining area and an adjoining dining room. Surrounded by windows the dining area offers its diners a chance to view Jersey City at it’s finest. The restaurant also boasts a wall to wall bar, completely stock with some the finest. Its ambiance is intimate as it is friendly, a great place to spend time with friends.

  Also, located within the restaurant is a staircase surrounded by the stone wall. This staircase leads you to a very intimate and welcoming area to gather with friends or family. This location in the restaurant is perfect if planning a private event such as a birthday or a small reunion with friends. Soft cushion seating and leather tables which convert into small tables, is sure to be a hit with all that gather there. This area is also available for private parties and corporate events.

  The cuisine at the Embankment restaurant is sure to satisfy any palette. Choose from an array of exquisite dishes such as the Barnaget Light Scallops,  Potato Gnocchi Alla Parisan, Marinated Jersey Tomatoes or Lobster Ravioli just to name a few. Enjoy selections form the Embankments Raw Bar and accompanied it with a selection from their wine list. The Embankment is definitely a place that showcases “class at its finest”.

  This brother and sister team is dedicated to providing their diners with the most and the best life has to offer, with the Embankment they introduce upscale dining, but with their other restaurant The Merchant located at 279 Grove Street in Jersey City across from City Hall, they introduce their diners to ambiance surrounded by history. The Merchant restaurant is unique in that it was once the Business Men’s B & L. The original vault is still in the same location it once was when it was a bank. Inventive and creative the O’Brien’s have keep the vault, staircase, windows and some of the original bricks and floors which made up the old structure. From a pile of rubble they have created an amazing atmosphere to enjoy. As you enter the Merchant’s restaurant you are instantly attracted to a medium size water structure which is located behind the bar. The bar area is warm, inviting and housed with soft lighting, an excellent place to relax and hangout with friends.
  There are hardwood floors and large windows in the dining area. Along the wall of the dining room is what once was the old vault, painted in black gloss it makes a great focal point for this very special establishment. Using the staircase which is an original you are taken to a second dining area and adjacent to that is a very private area which is used to spend a relaxing night with friends or acquaintances. The area is dimly lit with soft candle light and chaise lounging.

  The cuisine at the Merchant is appetizing and mouth watering. Choose from dishes which range from Farfalle Chicken, Bang Bang Shrimp and Panko Crusted Chicken Fingers. They have a large array of sandwiches to choose from and also every Saturday you can stop by and enjoy Brunch Saturday, with features some of their dishes like Irish Eggs Benedict and Char Grilled Steak and Eggs. The martinis are a specialty at Merchants with many varieties to choose from. For example try the Hawaiian or the Candy Cosmo just to name a few. There is certainly something for everyone at The Merchants. Stop by for lunch and enjoy the food, history and Merchants ambiance.

  Both restaurants offer excellent cuisine, their food is selected from local farmers and everything is fresh and wholesome. You can always fine the best at both establishments.

  David and Anne Marie have definitely taken Jersey City by storm, by creating these two amazing entities they have created places that diners can enjoy for years to come. By taking their creativity to a new level they have added to the history and future of Jersey City. To view both restaurants or book a private party, gathering or corporate events log on to www.TheEmbankmentNJ.com and www.TheMerchantNJ.com

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