Decortating Trends for 2009

Economy, Nature and Fashion Influences


(ARA)  What’s in store for home decorating in 2009? No matter what your taste, you’ll find a hue in the 2009 forecast of popular paint colors to suit your style. Since the average consumer spends two to three months planning a painting project, now is the ideal time to review your options, see what’s predicted to be popular and choose that perfect color.

Color Influencers
Looking to 2009, color experts are seeing three top drivers of color trends — the economy, nature and fashion.

“It’s not surprising that the primary driver of our 2009 color forecast is the economy,” says Donna Schroeder, Dutch Boy color marketing and design manager. “During an economic slowdown, consumers traditionally become more conservative when decorating, oftentimes shifting to neutral colors when painting. However, even with the slower economy, we still expect to see the use of brighter paint colors as accents to the always-popular neutrals.”

In addition to the economy’s influence on consumer color choices, the mainstreaming of the green movement is creating a renewed consciousness and sensitivity to the environment. The focus on bringing the outdoors into the home has once again made its way into the color forecast. The desire to incorporate basic elements of nature into interior design is still very prevalent.

In contrast to the two more serious drivers, the economy and nature, consumers still want to have fun when decorating their homes. So, many of the bolder and brighter clothing and fashion accessory colors seen on the fashion runways and in retail outlets are also reflected in the forecast.

2009 Color Forecast
All of the colors in this year’s forecast can be found within Dutch Boy’s Color Simplicity System. The five color themes for 2009 are:

Look to this color palette to bring a personal homemade sensibility to your decor. Simple patterns and authentic colors are reflected in the desire to simplify, conserve and repurpose. Colors in this palette include: Dried Stem, Beloved, Sidewalk Square, Mandarin Cove, Tulip Stem, Creamy Camel, Bull Frog and Espresso Latte.

Clean, natural colors capture the essence of ecology and preservation while the honest simplicity and sustainable sensitivity complement today’s contemporary styles. Colors reflect a raw, pure and organic feel. Colors in the Honest palette include: Remember the Alamo, Western Cactus, Berber Carpet, Northern Climb, Not So Neutral, Sea Monster, Route 66 and Twisted Knot.

Conjuring up images of mystery and fantasy, the soft, floral-inspired colors found in this palette give an enchanting aura to any home. Feelings of whimsy and magic abound in these colors. Colors in the Dream palette include: Amethyst Gem, Purple Ash, Clover Bed, Concrete Thought, Beautiful, Flip-Flop, Pink Satin and Forest Hill.

Connecting with roots and heritage, the Ancestry trend palette lets you embrace your culture with a variety of warm colors that are anchored to a vibrant, global community. Colors in the Ancestry palette include: Infinity Pool, Young Sprout, Fresh Linen, Bronze Beauty, Mount Royale, Classic Red, Carmel and Distinguished Navy.

Bold and simple, linear and structured, these colors enhance a home’s architectural features and add a sense of Euro-modern geometry and order to any room. Colors in the Construct palette include: Dried Thyme, Sullen Mist, Rocket Red, Founding Father, Guess Hue, Laguna Blue, Pumpkin Stem and Empire State.

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