COVID: recent paintings by Lou Carbone opens Saturday May 7, 2 – 5pm Hoboken Historical Museum, 1301 Hudson Street

The Hoboken Historical Museum at 1301 Hudson Street announces a new exhibit by Hoboken master painter Lou Carbone on Saturday, May 7, with an opening reception with the artist from 2 – 5pm. “COVID” consists of 25 16 x 20 acrylic paintings Lou did under quarantine. Lou Carbone’s “COVID” in the Museum’s Upper Gallery runs from Saturday, May 7 until Sunday, July 3. To see more of Lou’s work, click here.

With diverse influences that include cubism, surrealism and the Mexican muralists, Lou’s paintings are a series of pictorial spaces borne of personal experience as filtered through dreams and illusions. The images of anonymous figures in common settings depict ritual happening combined with feelings of sexual tension that are woven with a quiet elegant motion.

Each canvas is a merging of fact and fantasy that opens a window to animated yet mysterious places. Many of the objects and figures are structured, ordered and linear yet they create elements that have references to the mystical and spiritual, using multiple perspective and intense color. Lou has developed an assortment of visual symbols in an effort to pare cultural traditions and rituals to their essence and intensify the relationships between his subjects. His tools may be color, line and composition but the imagery is formed through the visceral process of thought.