Sponsors Resolution for Tonight’s Council Meeting Formally Requesting No Premature nor Expediting  of Sale Until FERC Decision


Jersey City, NJ — April 11, 2012 — Councilman Steve Fulop testified today before the New Jersey Transit Authority on the issue of the Spectra Pipeline. Spectra has petition the New Jersey Transit Authority to ensure and expedite the sale of land that is necessary for the pipeline prior to the final federal approval of the project from the Federal Energy Regulation Commission which is expected at some point in mid summer.

“I am here today to remind the New Jersey Transit Authority that their mission is not to be a real estate broker, but to provide safe ways for commuters to ride public transportation, a premature a sale of property would be counter to NJ Transit’s mission in every way and counter to the best interest of residents of Jersey City” said Councilman Fulop.

The Spectra Energy pipeline project is a is issue that has unified Jersey City in opposition. Spectra is proposing to run the pipeline North from Staten Island, through Bayonne, and into Jersey City along the Western edge of downtown, turning East at 14th Street to then go under the Hudson River.

“Some of the land in question runs parallel to important transportation infrastructure, including the Pulaski Skyway the New Jersey Turnpike and areas of the light rail system. This increases the risk and danger to the NJ Transit’s rider-ship. We urge the New Jersey Transit Authority not to sell the land voluntarily and willingly.” continued Councilman Fulop. “I am here today to make that clear and advocate for the safety of Jersey City residents.”

Councilman Fulop will also sponsor a resolution to be sent to the entire NJ Transit and Turnpike Authority Board formally requesting no land sales before any FERC decision.

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