City of Bayonne Prepares for Snow Storm

            Mayor Mark A. Smith convened an emergency planning meeting on Thursday afternoon, February 7, to confirm preparations for the expected winter storm.

  Representatives of several municipal departments and agencies attended.

 The Public Works Department is ready to mobilize at least twenty vehicles to salt and plow the streets, if needed.

  A local state of emergency may be declared, if the situation warrants it.

  Mayor Smith said, “My Administration’s goal is to salt and plow the streets as efficiently as possible during snowstorms this winter.

  We need to keep streets passable and maintain access to public buildings and emergency services.”

            The municipal departments that will be involved in snow operations are the Public Safety Department (which includes the Police Department and the Fire Department) and the Department of Public Works.

  Also cooperating are the Municipal Utilities Authority and United Water, the Board of Education, the Housing Authority, and the Parking Authority.

  Should conditions warrant, the City would activate the emergency operations center.

If  Bayonne’s streets are snow-covered on Saturday morning, street-sweeping will be suspended that day.

            If needed, storm announcements will be posted on BAY-TV Channel 78 on Cablevision, BAY-TV Channel 42 on Verizon FiOS, on the municipal website, which is, and on Bayonne’s Facebook page.